About The Knowles Company



Maine's Finest Team

Professional Real Estate Brokers and Rental Agents

The Knowles Company has been operating a successful and professional real estate and rental business since 1898. Our real estate brokers bring a diverse and extensive background of experiences to The Knowles Company that in turn provides our clients and customers the most professional, knowledgeable and flexible representation whether they are buying or selling a property. Our real estate team includes 12 brokers and agents: Jane McCombs-Beaman, Patricia (Tricia) Blythe, William (Nick) N. Burnett, Susan Ferrante-Collier, Sara DennisEileen (Torie) McMorrow-Hallock, Beth Ingebritson, Kristi JacobyJamie O’Keefe, G. Keating Pepper, Joan (Lili) Pew, and Maria (Mia) Thompson.

The Knowles rental agents are Kate Chaplin, Nikki Hooper, and Lynn Cobb Zaman. Along with a rental assistant, they provide a level of personalized assistance and attention to detail that will ensure your vacation rental meets your highest expectations.

Our brokerage and rental teams are supported by an assistant/receptionist and marketing specialist overseen by our business manager, ensuring that phone calls are answered during regular business hours by a friendly, responsive individual and that communication and office operation are facilitated in a professional and timely manner.

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