Celebrate Acadia's Centennial


July 8, 1916, Acadia National Park was born. At the time, known as Sieur de Monts National Monument, Acadia’s inception was part of the nation’s efforts to preserve natural spaces for future generations.

AcadiasFoundersThe park’s first superintendent was a fellow named George B. Dorr (far right in photo at left) who was responsible for leading the charge to make Acadia a nationally protected area. Dorr first came to Mount Desert Island in 1868 and grew to love it so intensely that he made it his home.

Dorr Oldfarm houseThe remains of his homestead (right) can still be seen in the woods near Compass Harbor. I often go there just to sit on his old stone stairs and imagine what the island would have been like were it not for Dorr and his friends, including John D. Rockefeller, Jr., having had the foresight to preserve Acadia.

In honor of Acadia National Park’s 100th birthday a task force was convened to develop a year-long effort to help bring Acadia’s past into focus while encouraging continued stewardship. Acadia's Centennial has many activities and events throughout 2016. Plan your trip to Acadia soon! Check out various Centennial topics here.

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