Sandi Wilcomb

Sandi Wilcomb

A Maine native, Sandi moved to Mount Desert Island from Bangor to start her professional career at The Jackson Laboratory in 1978. Over the next 24 years she held senior positions in the Purchasing Department and as a course and conference coordinator for the Education Department. After working and raising a family of three daughters with her husband Charlie, Sandi joined The Knowles Company rental team in 2006. This opportunity allowed her to build on her career in marketing, sales, coordinating, and customer service.

Sandi has always enjoyed working with the public, and by the time her youngest daughter went off to college, she was ready to move on and bring her professional skills to the Bar Harbor Inn as a function coordinator, and as an assistant to a senior hospital administrator at Blue Hill Hospital. With an associates degree from Husson College, Sandi continued working towards a BS degree in Business Management at the University of Maine.

Over the past 37 years, Sandi has been grateful to work with many professionals in the research and medical fields, but working as a rental agent with The Knowles Company has been one of the most interesting work experiences during her career in customer service. For fun and relaxation, she enjoys hiking, biking, and traveling.

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