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View Property Name Address Price Hits
Seaduced Seaduced Schooner Head Road 2671USD 3972
Spurling Point Spurling Point Oceans Road 2429USD 854
Ravenspoint Ravenspoint Common Lane 2307USD 1086
Seaglass Seaglass Fernald Point 2125USD 892
Seaward Seaward South Shore Road 2125USD 764
Gulls Rock Gulls Rock South Shore Road 1983USD 639
Grasslands Grasslands Indian Head Road 1859USD 572
The Ledges The Ledges 111 Huntington 1821USD 2958
Lehrman Cottage Lehrman Cottage Manchester Road 1791USD 883
The Bayview The Bayview Eden Street 1785USD 4303
Bear Creek Bear Creek Schooner Head Road 1700USD 2022
Westover in Northeast Harbor Westover in Northeast Harbor Schoolhouse Ledge Road 1639USD 1328
Ebb Tide II With High Tide Ebb Tide II With High Tide Sargeant Drive 1579USD 589
Rising Sun Cottage Rising Sun Cottage Sols Cliff Road 1579USD 778
Bear Cove Bear Cove Bear Island Way 1518USD 817
Serenity Serenity Upland Road 1518USD 1195
Sjohytta Sjohytta Peabody Drive 1417USD 657
Sol's Cliff Sol's Cliff Sols Cliff Road 1396USD 1651
The Perch The Perch Harborside Road 1396USD 975
Cow Cove Cow Cove Peabody Drive 1336USD 744
Sea Ledges Sea Ledges Shore Road 1336USD 1245
Bagatelle Compound Bagatelle Compound Eden Street 1324USD 1952
All-Thyme All-Thyme Hills Road 1275USD 755
Eastward Way Eastward Way Clifton Dock Road 1275USD 685
Westerlee Westerlee Westerlee Way 1275USD 502
Fermata Fermata Harborside Rd 1214USD 1147
Harborside Harborside Harborside Road 1214USD 1325
Devilstone Main House Devilstone Main House Devilstone Way 1208USD 444
Crow's Nest Crow's Nest Wheelwright Way 1190USD 2016
Bagatelle Bagatelle Eden Street 1184USD 1060
Copper Top Copper Top Sound Drive 1154USD 1912
Ilfracombe Ilfracombe Ocean View Lane 1154USD 1488
Nantibi Nantibi Ocean View Lane 1154USD 706
Quiet Times Quiet Times Manchester Road 1154USD 1303
Great Harbor Compound Great Harbor Compound Clark Point Road 1148USD 689
Clifton Cottage And Little Clifton Clifton Cottage And Little Clifton Clifton Dock Road 1133USD 453
Woodbox Woodbox Westerlee Way 1129USD 850
Welles Camp Welles Camp One Lane Road 1117USD 465
Gilpatrick Cove High and Low Tide Gilpatrick Cove High and Low Tide Cove End Rd 1093USD 501
Magnum Donum Magnum Donum Odyssey Way 1093USD 318