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View Property Name Address Price Hits
Ames Family South Cottage Ames Family South Cottage Cape Road 219USD 1719
Blue Lobster Blue Lobster Main Street 219USD 1275
Heart of Bar Harbor Heart of Bar Harbor Bridge Street 213USD 1129
Dirigo Getaway Dirigo Getaway Dirigo Lane 213USD 1050
Seabird Carriage House Seabird Carriage House Main Street 206USD 2549
Cove Ledge Cove Ledge Bass Road 206USD 4254
Back Beach Back Beach Lopaus Point Road 206USD 1988
Pebble Pebble Crooked Lane 206USD 3923
Northridge Townhouse Northridge Townhouse Mountain Avenue 200USD 676
Chelsea Cottage Chelsea Cottage Beech Hill Crossroad 200USD 1437
Hyland Cottage Hyland Cottage Hall Quarry Road 200USD 1759
Quarry Cottage Quarry Cottage Ninfi Lane 194USD 3808
Smallidge Cottage Smallidge Cottage Manchester Road 194USD 3409
The Hideaway The Hideaway Bridge Street 191USD 1013
Skywater Skywater Musetti Drive 191USD 2004
Bass Harbor Head Cottage Bass Harbor Head Cottage Columbia Avenue 182USD 1455
Harbor Boathouse Harbor Boathouse Clark Point Road 182USD 1680
Megerry Place Megerry Place Hancock Lane 182USD 653
Bayview Cottage Bayview Cottage Bayview Drive 182USD 6769
The Studio in Southwest The Studio in Southwest Fernald Point Road 182USD 1504
Sanborn Nest Sanborn Nest Frenchman's Hill West 170USD 1963
Stewart Cottage Stewart Cottage Hancock Lane 164USD 1599
Echo Woods Retreat Echo Woods Retreat Echo Woods 158USD 1211
Bungalow Bungalow Joy Road 152USD 1420
Bagatelle Guest Cottage Bagatelle Guest Cottage Eden Street 152USD 3813
Music Hill Music Hill Otter Creek Drive 149USD 2330
Harbor Reach Apartment Harbor Reach Apartment Lighthouse Road 146USD 1456
Eliot Studio Eliot Studio Peabody Drive 146USD 3051
Nonna's Cabin Nonna's Cabin Tremont Road 146USD 922
By The Way By The Way Lookout Way 120USD 1591
Lookout Loft Lookout Loft Lookout Way 120USD 1534
Manset Studio Manset Studio Seawall Road 109USD 1640
Golf Lane Golf Lane Sail Mountain Road 106USD 849