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View Property Name Address Price Hits
The Wedge And Shim The Wedge And Shim Wedgerock Lane 1093USD 985
Overedge Overedge Huntington Lane 1077USD 660
Balance Cottage Balance Cottage Lookout Point Road 1071USD 1685
Delights Delights Delights Road 1063USD 539
Ledge End Ledge End Ledge End 1032USD 1454
Toad Hall Toad Hall Huntington Road 1020USD 173
Hidden House Compound Hidden House Compound New County Road 984USD 330
Eden Rock Oceanside Eden Rock Oceanside Bogue Chitto 971USD 1437
The Old Schoolhouse The Old Schoolhouse Summit Road 971USD 644
The Starr House The Starr House Old Spruce Lane 971USD 3710
Rockbilt Cottage Rockbilt Cottage Lookout Point Road 947USD 692
Lupine Lilac Compound Lupine Lilac Compound Main Street 941USD 576
In The Woods In The Woods South Shore Road 923USD 420
Fox Compound Fox Compound and 5 Fox Lane 911USD 250
Full Circle Full Circle Asticou Hill Trail 911USD 1386
Petunia Cottage Petunia Cottage West Street 911USD 2087
Shell Heap South Shell Heap South Peabody Drive 911USD 2588
The Havoc The Havoc Smallidge Point 911USD 540
Toe Hold Toe Hold Asticou Hill Trail 911USD 514
Skyview Skyview Schoolhouse Ledge 886USD 511
Ebb Tide II Ebb Tide II Sargeant Drive 850USD 705
High Tide High Tide Sargeant Drive 850USD 710
Mainesail Mainesail Main Street 850USD 1266
Harris Barn and Igloo Harris Barn and Igloo Dodge Point Road 838USD 1594
Quarry Point Quarry Point Sargent Point Road 826USD 1041
Blue Eden Blue Eden Roberts Avenue 816USD 2029
Brightholme Brightholme Wayman Lane 816USD 2256
Camp Ouloncuit Camp Ouloncuit Pepper Point Road 814USD 936
Starboard on Somes Sound Starboard on Somes Sound Spinnaker Way 801USD 1000
Whispering Pines Compound Whispering Pines Compound Lyman Lane 801USD 494
Windfall Windfall Peabody Drive 801USD 3057
Connor Point Connor Point Connor Point Lane 789USD 530
Juniper Ledge Juniper Ledge Huntington Lane 789USD 1331
Windy Willows Windy Willows Sargeant Drive 789USD 666
Random Ridge Random Ridge Thuya Drive 786USD 1176
Shell Heap North Shell Heap North Peabody Drive 777USD 744
Duck Duck Goose Duck Duck Goose Little Duck Lane 765USD 730
Acadia Lodge Acadia Lodge Hannibal's Way 744USD 643
Bell Rock Bell Rock Harborside Road 731USD 1187
Lakeview Retreat Lakeview Retreat Woodland Path 729USD 659